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Abu Bekr Foot Patrol Competition


Meetings as called

Foot Patrol



Bill Price (Barbara)

Colin Ross (Rachel Raak Law)
Vice President

Horst Zittlau (Judy)

Patrick Jensen (Laura)


Roger Merrill (Yvonne)

Sheldon Menin (Rita Newman)
1st Lieutenant

Matt Buchholz (Shelley)
2nd Lieutenant

Dwight Dirks (Jolene)
Sergeant of Color Guard/Asst. Quartermaster

Noel Plummer (Jean)

Alan Doht (Shawn)

Ben Esquivel
Membership Chair

All About

The Abu Bekr Foot Patrol was organized in 1908. Since that time it has been a very active part of Abu Bekr Shrine.The Patrol is made up of two parts, one is the active marching team and the other is the social members. The Active marchers, known as the Drill Team, is made up of around 10 to 14 men. They march in several parades during the summer months. They also participate in Shrine ceremonials and they have actively competed in Shrine Patrol competitions at Shrine Conventions consistently since their inception. The social part of the unit participates in a number of social activities and fundraising events throughout the year. The Foot Patrol also serves as the color guard for Abu Bekr Temple, displaying the colors at the Shrine Circus, Shrine Ceremonials, Shrine Football games, and anywhere else that they are needed.

The Foot Patrol has consistently participated in “Arab Patrol” competitions at one or more the following: Imperial, Central States, and Midwest Shrine Conventions. They have won several first and second place trophies as well as a number of traveling trophies over the years in their class at those conventions. They proudly display their trophies as well as some Foot Patrol historical items in their display case located in the Temple ballroom.The Foot Patrol holds a number of social activities throughout the year. Some of these activities have included: progressive dinners, progressive breakfasts, parties, dances, game nights, and much more. They hold two fundraisers during the year. A spaghetti dinner is held in the spring and a chili soup dinner is held in the fall. These two events not only help the Foot Patrol raise money but they also help to secure the fellowship that has always been a large part of the Patrol. The Foot Patrol has an active ladies auxiliary that accompanies the Patrol to their parades, convention competitions, and other functions they have. This group of ladies is also very active in helping with the fundraising activities that is held by the patrol. Their presence is always known at Shrine parades as they are very vocal in cheering on all of our Shrine units as they perform down the streets.





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