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Abu Bekr White Horse Mounted Patrol


Second Tuesday of each month.

WHMP Barns
Practice every Tuesday

White Horse Mounted Patrol



Jeremy Robinson (Sara)

Derek Hahn

Ben Nordstrom (Katelynn)

Tom Austin (Missy)



Brandon Meyer (Catie)

Membership Chair

All About

The Patrol was formed in 1920 by a group of Stockyard employees, who were members of Abu Bekr Shrine, organized a parade unit to honor the Abu Bekr’s Potentate, who was a Stockyard’s employee, at a Shrine Ceremonial parade.The horses were mixed colors and breeds and most were used on a daily basis at the Stockyards. Two years later, out of this group of riders, emerged a goal for an all white, pink skinned equestrian unit composed of horses of the Arabian Breed. This was to be the most unique equestrian and parade unit in North America representing the Abu Bekr Shrine and the Siouxland area. The White Horse Mounted Patrol has journeyed far and wide in North America. In it’s infancy the Patrol paraded in Washington, 1923, Kansas City in 1924, Philadelphia in 1925, Los Angeles in 1929, Toronto,Canada in 1930, Cleveland in 1931, Minneapolis in 1934,and Seattle in 1936. The Patrol was honored to be asked to be the official escort to Imperial Potenate Jack Sebrell in Minneapolis in 1934. The Patrol was given a boost in 1935 when a horse trainer by the name of Harry Wallen from Independence, Kansas was hired to “high school” (trick train) the white horses. One of his children, Dick Wallen, was to become a future trainer and a rider for the Patrol for more than seventy years. Dick was to become a famous trainer of gaited horses and to receive many honors including induction into the UPHA Hall of Fame. December 30, 1961, the Patrol performed in Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA before 56,000 spectators during half-time of the East-West Shrine game. The Game was televised by NBC. Two days later, on January 1,1962, the Patrol moved on to Pasadena,CA for the New’s Year’s Day Tournament of Roses parade

Several Years later, the Patrol represented The State of Iowa in the Tournament of Roses for the second time. The Patrol Made a significant change in 1987, the year Bob Porter was Potentate, by moving from the Stockyards to the new stable on old highway 141, southeast of Sioux City. This is where the horse is stabled today. The stables are opened to the public. The Patrol continues to perform for both local and national parades such as Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, MO, Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL and Oklahoma City, OK. The patrol was voted best equestrian unit in most parades. In Addition, trophies were brought home from many Shrine Conventions, including first place in competition and parade at the 2010 CSSA convention in Oklahoma City. The Patrol continues to maintain a significant presence in Siouxland Thanks to the dedicated riders and sponsors.

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