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2024 Potentate Message

Greetings Nobles and Ladies. As we look forward to the upcoming year, I would like to let everyone know how honored and humbled I am to have been elected your Potentate for 2024. I Thank You for your support and confidence in me and the rest of our Divan. I would like to thank Ill. Sir Rich Porter and his lady Peggy for an awesome and amazing 2023. It was a great year for Abu Bekr, and with Rich's leadership and steady hand our Temple is in a wonderful place. Rich and I have become the best of friends over the last few years. I will treasure his friendship and guidance as we go through 2024. Thank you again Rich and Peggy, the entire Abu Bekr family says thank you. (In case you did not know it, Rich had the BEST CIRCUS EVER in 2022. If you don't believe me just ask him.) LOL! Peggy, we expect you to try out some of those recipes from your cookbook in 2024 on all of us. Thanks again Rich and Peggy it was a great year. The Shrine kids Christmas party was a fantastic event this year. Thank you Judy Zittlau and Jean Plummer for doing such a great job. Thank you ladies and to everyone who helped make this a great day for the kids. There has been several Installations and Christmas parties that we have had over the last month. I would like to thank the Oriental Band for a great meal and night at Table 32. Ill. Sir Rich Porter and his lady Peggy and I attended for their installation. HP&P Dwight Dirks and Membership Chairman Roger Merrill and myself headed to Spencer the other day to install their officers. It was a great night and keep up the great work guys. I must thank the Foot Patrol for a wonderful Christmas party and installation at the Marriot, you know how to do a classy party.

The Temple Christmas party was held at the White Horse clubhouse and what a wonderful time it was. The meal, game and gift exchange was a ton of fun. Thank you to all who attended. What a great place for an event. We also installed the White Horse officers that night, thank you for all you do guys it is such a wonderful unit. Lady Rachel and I are looking forward to a great year next year and we hope to serve Abu Bekr well. The Divan Installation is January 6th at 4:30pm. There will be a cocktail hour and sit down meal to fallow (our own Bernie Roeber is cooking, so you know it will be great). After dinner our very own DJ, Dejay Langel is going to play some music and have a little Karaoke for everyone. (Especially Past Potentate Kelly Conolly, he can really sing.) I will have much more about our upcoming year in the next few months. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The entire Divan and myself and lady Rachel look forward to serving you in 24 - Doing more in '24.

Colin Ross, Abu Bekr Potentate

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